The 2GIG-GCKIT311 is an all-in-one home security system that is as reliable, with an entirely WIRELESS interface that makes installation a breeze and eliminates the risk of faulty wiring and Danger of phone lines being cut. Featuring a user-friendly color-touch screen control panel, 3 door/window contacts, 1 powerful PIR motion detector, and a convenient portable key fob, you'll be able to leave your home knowing it is safe and protected.

Four channel HD CCTV DVR. It supports both CCTV and HD CCTV cameras with one additional channel for an IP camera. Full HD 1080p support is available. The DVR comes with support for 1-SATA Hard Drives up to 8TB of storage. This DVR kit comes with 1TB of storage per-installed. The eyes of the system is the CMHT2122, a HD CCTV 1080p turret camera. This camera comes with a 2MP sensor and a 3.6mm lens that can capture at 1080p @ 30fps. It is equipped with 24 LED's to provide up to 65ft of true Day/Night vision. Digital Noise Reduction further clears up night time images, easily cleaning up the 'fuzz' that can accrue over darker recordings. IP66 protection standards will keep this cameras safe from inclement weather conditions. It is easily used for both indoor or outdoor coverage.




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