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Home Security and Alarms Install

Home and life security is priceless.

"The team at Caliber, (Albert, Jimmy & Frank), installed a surveillance system in and outside our home in Euless. Their product presentation was/is at the top of its class and the service was/is above and beyond satisfactory expectations. Exceptional professionals with a family friendly and trustworthy approach. Unexpected follow-ups to ensure the system is working and that we are totally satisfied. We will do further security systems with Caliber including alarm systems, doorbell answering/camera system, front door locking system and smoke alarm systems. Later we will work on home lighting and thermostat remote systems. We are so satisfied with the product, service, high technology and expediency that we can't wait to tell our neighbors about it. They say if you want all the amenities as above-referenced don't settle for substandard equipment and service. Peace of mind, reliability and great security is worth the "investment". Add value to my home, moreover, do everything possible to provide great security for our lives. Thank you Caliber, Albert, Jimmy and Frank."





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